Sunday, March 13, 2016

Team 498 - Arizona Regional Champions!

After moving back to Arizona I got in touch with a friend who was still volunteering with our old high school FIRST robotics team. He and I were part of the original founding team back in 2001 and I was excited to have the opportunity to work with him as mentors this year. After 15 years being away it was time to get back to work and build a robot! This year's challenge was the most complex game I had ever seen put on by FIRST.

2016 FIRST Game Reveal - Stronghold

After a busy build season, long nights, and some intense matches in Flagstaff I'm proud to announce that Team 498 were regional champions and have qualified to participate in nationals!

2016 Arizona North Regional Championship

The original Team 498 from 2001

Monday, March 23, 2015

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades

Well, we did it. We finally decided to move back to Arizona. It was never our plan to stay in Utah as long as we did but we had quite an adventure and made a ton of amazing friends. Now it's time to move a bit closer to family and get a bit a lot of sun. Here we go!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Let's make a game!

It's always fun to learn new things. Lately I've had this itch to really dive into something new. Specifically, I want to learn how to make games. I tend to learn best by giving myself challenging goals to push myself.

It's insanely frustrating and fun all at the same time. I'm using Unity3D so I at least get to use C#. The hardest part has been trying to remember that objects can actually stick around in memory now. I've been living in the web-request world for too long. Apparently objects can live beyond a page refresh. Mind Blown.

What I'm also learning is that a lot of the tutorials out there seem to assume you know what you're doing when it comes to art and animations but then spend 10min explaining what an IF statement is. Where can I find a book called "Video game design for dummies who already freaking know how to code but not how to use your weird IDE" ? Is it really that uncommon for a software engineer to want to dabble in the dark arts of game design? Maybe I haven't found the right community yet. I've recently joined /r/GameDev and /r/IndieGaming.

I built a super simple 2D side-scroller a couple of weeks ago to learn the basics. It went ok. I've since moved on and decided that it was time to tackle 3D and I feel like I've completely started over. Three dimensions just means three times the problems. The screenshot below shows me experimenting with a Diablo-style perspective and movement controls. You can click around on the ground the the skeleton runs around. Here we go!